The Best Places to Buy Prints

The Best Places to Buy Prints

I've become a bit of a wall art obsessive over the last few months. A print wall was something I had in mind when I first began to redecorate my room back in the spring and something that has taken the social media world by storm over the course of 2016. Everyone and their cat has a print wall, I swear.

When I first started collecting prints, it took me a while to find the best places to get them. Everything seemed either ridiculously expensive or based in the US. Today I've collated my tips and tricks for buying and displaying wall art; a Wall Art 101, if you will.

The Prints

One of the best places I've found to buy prints is Etsy. Here, independent designers from across the globe can share their designs and put them up for sale. Going for printable downloads means you have access to designers from anywhere in the world and the removal of shipping and printing costs makes it that little bit cheaper (around £5 per print is reasonable for typography designs, more for artwork).
Make sure to check the dimensions before you buy as this can be a rookie mistake. Other than that, you're pretty much good to go. Your files should be available to download once you pay - make sure you save them in a safe place!
I've left a couple of my favourite Etsy shops for prints below but a quick search for 'typography print' or 'wall art' should bring up some great options.
Many designers actually give away a handful of their designs for free as "gated content" to attract visitors to their site and promote their paid products. This means you can get access to a whole range of talent for zero money; though it is coeurteous to support them wherever possible, either by buying something from them or sharing their website with your Twitter followers. I got many of my prints this way and simply downloaded the ones I liked the look of and sent them off to be printed!

Independent Designers

The third scenario is that you buy directly from independent designers. One of my friends, Harry Wicks, is currently studying Graphic Design and works on various deisgn projects in his spare time. He created the two square prints pictured above from photographs I sent over.
Up and coming designers are often looking for experience and many take enquiries for this reason. However, it is important to recognise the hard work put in by these smaller designers and to support them as they grow.

Printing & Framing

When it comes to trading in digital files, printing and framing is obviously not part of the package deal - you have to outsource this yourself. If you're on a budget, you could simply print your designs on your home printer and secure them to your wall with blutack.
Personally, I had my rectangular prints printed by Snapfish and the square ones by Photobox, purely based on price comparison. There are a handful of great UK-based online printing companies out there to choose from.
I then went and picked up some frames from Wilko. I just wanted simple black frames and Wilko do A4 frames for £2 each and square ones for £6; an absolute steal! Put your prints in your frames and bang them into your wall with a nail and hammer (or whatever fixings your landlord/parents/university) will allow.
I hope you found this post helpful. Where are your favourite places to shop for wall art?

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