Tanya Burr Cosmetics Advent Calendar

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Advent Calendar

Happy Christmas! I haven't actually sat down and written a post since before Christmas and now my blood is 90% mince pie and the day starting at 12pm is a thing. Anyhow, Christmas being over means that I have fully opened my Tanya Burr Cosmetics advent calendar and can share my thoughts. Even though you can't get hold of these exact products- they're all Christmas Limited Edition- I wanted to give my two cents on the formulas and concepts of a relatively new brand.

The Products

Lip Glosses

I love these lip glosses. I've never been a fan of anything too sticky on the lips and so always steered away from lip glosses. These, however, are so ridiculously pigmented that they add the perfect sheen to an evening look. The formula is quite thick and gloopy, though, so make sure you're hair is pulled back to avoid any mishaps. The festive shades are spot on too- the pillar box red being my favourite by far.

Matte Lip

I didn't know what to expect when I first heard Tanya was doing a matte lip. It's something so cult at the moment but so very hard to get right. I have to say, this was my favourite product in the whole calendar and I like that she kept the shade Limited Edition. She also went for an orange-toned red- not quite what I was expected for her Christmas pick but a welcome change to the classic Santa red.
The formula is more drying than those I've tried from bigger brands, it's difficult to add more than one layer without it becoming cakey and it dries so quickly that there's no time to go over your handiwork. Having said that, it goes flawlessly opaque with one thin coat, quickly dries down to a lovely matte finish and lasts through eating and drinking. It's a big thumbs up from me.

Nail Polishes

I wasn't quite so impressed with the nail polishes in the calendar. When I first opened the doors hiding them I was in awe of the beautiful glittery shades and the sleek gold packaging but the formula was lacking. It took a long time to dry and, even then, it was still tacky. What really put me off though was the overpowering chemical smell, lingering long after the polish had dried. And, if I'm being picky, the gold lid isn't attached to the applicator but instead pulls off to reveal a black plastic lid that looks less than luxurious.

Glitter Pots

Glitter pots, in my opinion, were a great move for the Christmas collection. You can't really go wrong with them, they're something not everyone will already have but something everyone can use to add an extra special Christmas touch to their makeup around the festive season.

Glitter Eyeliner

Again, the glitter eyeliners were a great call. The flexible plastic packaging doesn't quite meet the bar for the rest of Tanya's brand and both eyeliners need a good shake before use to make sure they don't separate, but the concept was there and it has to be appreciated that for a calendar retailing at £30 (averaging at £2.50 per product) you do get a lot of bang for your buck.


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