LUSH LE Valentine’s Collection

LUSH LE Valentine’s Collection

Probably the only thing I love more than LUSH is a LUSH Limited Edition collection. There's something about the inventiveness and creativity of the LUSH team that gets me waiting expectantly the 4 or 5 times a year that these collections launch, and I love it. This time around I dragged Will to LUSH in Milton Keynes and made full use of his nostrils as a second opinion on all my purchases (if you want more content featuring Will smelling things, there's a video up on my YouTube channel). I really think LUSH have outdone themselves this year, so I just had to share the collection with you.



The Products

Lover Lamp Bath Bomb

I had Lover Lamp last year and I firmly remember it being one of my favourites. Its scent is fresh and citrusy with Brazilian Orange Oil with the notes of vanilla bringing a comforting warmth. The little red hearts are made of cocoa butter and slowly melt in your bath, moisturising your skin to perfection.

Love Spell Massage Bar

I love LUSH's massage bars. I've had a couple in the past and they last absolutely forever! This one is a beautiful fresh scent with soft aloe vera as the main note. The hydrating shea and cocoa butters melt into your warm skin straight out of the shower/bath and just make you feel fab.

Over and Over Bath Bomb

I've never seen these two-toned bath bombs before, so I'm assuming they're a new offering for this year. This one smells super citrusy and refreshing and, judging by the demo on the LUSH website, has pink colouring hidden under the layer of orange cocoa butter. This is the perfect bathtime treat to add a spring in your step and pep you up ready for springtime!

What's your favourite from this year's LUSH Valentine's collection?


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