Life Coaching

Making a change takes guts. Sometimes it feels like everyone else has their sh*t together, while you’re still searching for the PDF guide to adulting.

Whether you want to make waves in corporate conference rooms, up sticks and move to the Bahamas, or just make life suck a bit less, I’m on your team.

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What I can help with

Not sure where to go next? Got a dream you don’t know how to make reality? Or do you just need a friendly face to nudge you in the right direction when you’re about to chicken out altogether?

Life & career planning

Improving relationships

Developing self-awareness

Emotional regulation & stress

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a series of open and explorative conversations, combining techniques from psychology and personal development to help you achieve things you didn’t think were possible.

With coaching, clients set better goals, take more action, make better decisions, and learn to embrace their natural strengths.

One Off

A power hour on Zoom to give you clarity on your goals and next steps.

This is for you if you’re confident in the doing but need a nudge in the right direction. You might be:

Feeling stagnant or stuck in your current routine

Struggling to pin down next steps

Floating the idea of making a big change 

£149 upfront

Ongoing Support

6 1-hour coaching sessions over 6 months, via Zoom of at WeWork Manchester. Access to additional resources via a dedicated client portal.

This is for you if you need a friendly face in times of transition. You might be:

Clear on what you want but struggling to get going

Feeling alone in tricky times and looking for support

3 payments of £199

"The impact has been huge"

The impact has been huge. I’ve changed my career and been able to recognise and work through a precious work situation I thought I’d never get out of. Just talking about what was going on for me was a huge part of being able to see that things needed to change. And the accountability the coaching brought helped me to keep my momentum.


"My friends noticed I was changing"

Kathryn really helped me gain more serenity. I saw a clear improvement in my mood, confidence and self-esteem. My friends noticed I was changing positively too. I am really grateful for Kathryn’s work.


"I understand my barriers"

Thanks to Kathryn’s coaching I know myself, and my business, better. I understand my barriers, meaning I can overcome them, and I understand my goals, meaning they are achievable. I’d recommend Kathryn for any new business owner, or anyone who felt stuck in their business.


"I've learned so much about myself"

I was a little nervous when I realised the journey I would be going through as part of these sessions, but Kathryn was amazing at helping me feel at ease. I’ve learned so much about myself and I couldn’t have done that without Kathryn’s questions and the space she provides to explore. I’d recommend her coaching to anyone.


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