The Importance of Integrated Marketing Campaigns

May 12, 2021 | Marketing

As marketers, we all know the feeling of sitting down to plan for a new month and feeling immediately overwhelmed. How do I fill the time I’ve got allocated to SEO? What am I going to send out on email? What am I going to post on social? If you’re part of a larger team, you might even have different people owning and planning for different channels.

The danger of this approach is that it moves away from serving customers with valuable content to help them solve their problems (oh yeah, them) and towards filling time for the sake of filling time. You’ll also inevitably end up duplicating efforts, creating 5 different assets that could have been one. If you’re already struggling for time, that’s a sure fire way to get absolutely nothing done.

I’m a big fan of Occam’s razor, the principle that the simplest answer is likely to be the correct one. If you can simplify your marketing and your audience still love it, you’re onto a winner. In fact, according to the age old rule of 7, consumers need to hear the same message 7 times before they’ll consider taking action, so it makes sense to repeat yourself across different channels.

You’re on board. Great. But how do you simplify your marketing and plan across channels?

It all comes back to what you’re trying to achieve. Why are you posting on social? Why do you send out emails? Why do you want to rank highly on Google? Spoiler: “because my boss told me to” isn’t the answer we’re looking for here and, unless you’re a non-profit, “to spread joy in the world” probably isn’t right either.

Your answer is likely to be something along the lines of “to sell more X to Y types of people”. Once you’ve got that, you can start digging into the problems your product solves for those people and how else you can help them solve the same problems with free content.

Here you’ll find what experts would call the sweet spot.

I’ll put my hands up and admit that not everything will work across every channel. Not everything that works on social will work for SEO. Something that smashes it on email might not be right for social. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. The idea is to spend the majority of your time in the sweet spot, so you free up extra time for things that get great results on a single channel.

For example, here’s a whitepaper Xero created for their customers on small business finance. Their customers are small business owners who don’t have time to deal with finance, and this content helps solve their problems.

By positioning this as an integrated marketing campaign, Xero could use this content as:

  • A resource on their website, promoted at the end of blog posts and as a pop-up on relevant pages;
  • An email to a relevant segment of their database, encouraging them to download the whitepaper;
  • An email series of individual tips when people sign up for their mailing list;
  • A series of quick tips or videos on social;
  • An asset for social media ad campaigns;
  • A series of blog posts, one for each section of the whitepaper, optimised for SEO and encouraging readers to download the full whitepaper.

Not only does this get them compounded results from the same piece of content, it means their social, SEO, website and email teams can share the workload and budget of getting the whitepaper written and designed in the first place.

It’s a win win.

If you’re part of a larger team, this shift in thinking might take time. I’d encourage you to start small. Next time you’re in a strategy session, ask yourself “how else can we use this content?” You’ll be amazed what comes up.

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