1:1 Coaching

Making a change takes guts. Sometimes it feels like everyone else has their sh*t together while you’re still searching for the PDF guide to adulting.

Whether you want to leave the 9 to 5, make waves in corporate conference rooms or just make work suck a bit less, I’m on your team.

A business coach making notes

What I Can Help With

Not sure where to go next? Got a dream you’re not sure how to make reality? Or do you just need a friendly face to nudge you in the right direction when you’re about to chicken out altogether?

Finding your purpose

Landing your dream job

Starting up as a freelancer

Growing your solo business

What Is Coaching?

The key to coaching is that there are no right answers.

I’ll help you work out what works for you and find the confidence to go out and get it. That might mean answering emails from a beach in the Bahamas or simply spending more time with your family.

Whatever works for you, no judgment.

One Off

A one-off power hour on Zoom to give you clarity on your goals and next steps.

This is for you if you’re confident in the doing but need a nudge in the right direction. You might be:

A graduate struggling to figure out next steps

Feeling stagnant or stuck in your current role

Floating the idea of setting up shop on your own

£99 upfront

Ongoing Support

6 1-hour coaching sessions over 6-8 months. Between sessions, we’ll keep in touch via a dedicated client portal.

This is for you if you need a friendly face in times of transition. You might be:

Ready to take your career to the next level

Considering a career change

A freelancer ready to grow your solo biz

£399 or 3 monthly payments of £133

Nice things people have said

The impact has been huge. I’ve changed my career and been able to recognise and work through a precious work situation I thought I’d never get out of. Just talking about what was going on for me was a huge part of being able to see that things needed to change. And the accountability the coaching brought helped me to keep my momentum.


Nice things people have said

Kathryn helped me realise what I love and how I can make it into a career. Leaving uni was terrifying but now my professional confidence has increased so much and I have jobs lined up that I’m so excited for, and new goals for the future! Can’t credit her enough for doing what she does, and doing it amazingly!


Nice things people have said

Feeling so motivated after a quick consultation with Kathryn. If you are running your own business or planning to, get a call booked.


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