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Freelancer coaching for women in Manchester

Achieve your business goals with a clear, actionable plan and the gentle accountability of an experienced, ICF qualified coach. 

It's time to claim the life you want

How coaching with Kathryn can transform your business

Whether you’re a freelancer, self-employed, a multi-hyphenate, or a solopreneur, you’ll massively benefit from coaching. You’re already driven, incredibly hard-working, and not afraid to live the life you want. Despite the total freedom and limitless opportunities of doing things your way, there’s a unique pressure for people who run their own business.

Whether it’s setting prices, or pitching to clients, or having the confidence to take your business in a new direction, you’ll have a tonne of challenges facing you. Regardless of how long you’ve been freelancing, there’s always another goal to achieve. Coaching gives you the skills and self-belief to make the progress you’ve been dreaming of.

Kathryn- your new best (business) friend

Coaching with a freelancer who gets it

I’m a freelancer. I get that it can be lonely, and overwhelming, and wonderful, and fulfilling. And, I also get that having someone in your corner, supporting you, and listening to you is a game changer.

I care that self-employed women earn 10% less than men on average. I care that female freelancers are negatively impacted by childcare and maternity support.

Which is why I love coaching female business owners. It’s my mission to support every woman to achieve her goals, feel empowered, and succeed despite the limitations placed on her by a patriarchal society. In our time working together, you’ll get support, accountability, and an action plan for you to create the business that works for you.

When I was younger, any kind of change terrified me. Whether it was expected of me or not, I absolutely did not want to step out of my comfort zone. This left me with little room to grow, and I soon realised I was living in a very small box. I knew things had to change. I knew I had to be the one to change them.

I realised that I couldn’t live the rest of my life in the restrictions I’d set for myself. By unpicking the beliefs that had got me there, and learning to back myself and trust myself, I was able to create a brighter future. I identified what I really want in life and started making it happen.

Build the life you want

Coaching for women in business

It’s my mission to reach as many women as possible with the message: ‘you are worthy and capable of creating the life you want’. 

Often, my clients know precisely what they want but something is blocking them. Together, we work to define those blocks, and find practical, realistic solutions to achieve your wildest dreams. 

If that resonates with you, even if you don’t see your profession listed below, I would love to work with you.


I show up for you with straight talking honesty. I’ll never advise you take a particular direction or try to sell you something you don’t need. Instead, I’ll always hold an inclusive, judgement-free space for you to be yourself. 


I’m qualified, insured, and trained in questioning and observation. I support you to test out ideas and solutions in a safe environment. Our work is confidential, and if you might need other support services, I communicate that.


In our work, we explore your vulnerabilities and personal story. I create a sense of stability to encourage you to reflect on yourself and your future. I always follow through on what I say I’ll do, from communicating to being on time.

Coaching prices

How much does coaching cost?

I’m a big believer in transparency, which means keeping costs clear and upfront. You know exactly what the costs are, because there are a fixed number of sessions, over a fixed number of months. I’ve carefully priced my coaching services so they’re accessible and fair. 

Discovery call – Free 

A series of 6 coaching sessions £80 per session, £480 in total

I also offer a flexible payment plan, spreading the cost of the sessions over six months. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

Freelance Coaching Questions

Yes, absolutely! I’ve worked with clients from all over the world. We’ll use video call for our sessions, so as long as you’re in a time zone that’s within 4 hours of the UK, we can make it work.

These are often confused, but they are definitely different. A therapist is a medical professional who is trained in mental health and working through trauma. They may work with a client on healing damaged relationships, exploring childhood events, or identifying self-destructive behaviours and their causes. A coach is trained to work with people on specific, clear goals. While sessions may look similar, and the outcomes are improved quality of life for clients, the processes are very different. I’ll carefully manage the session to keep it focused on the goal, and if I feel you would benefit from therapy, I’ll gently suggest this to you rather than step into therapeutic practise.

No. No coach should ever promise you’ll achieve a certain level of success, money, or anything else. It’s not in my power to guarantee this. You determine what success looks like for you, whether that’s earning a certain amount of money or achieving a particular lifestyle. I’ll be your support, your facilitator, your accountability, but I can’t create change on your behalf.