Bath & Body Works Autumn Collection

Bath & Body Works Autumn Collection
Bath & Body Works is something we (unfortunately) don't really have in the UK. Our only rival is Yankee Candle which, despite delivering to a similar market, can't match the strength or range of scents that B&BW delivers season after season. This year, when the Autumn Collection was released, I jumped onto eBay and ordered myself a couple of treats - massively overpriced due to shipping, profit margin and exchange rate but worth it nonetheless.

The Candles

Marshmallow Fireside

To start with, both of the candles come in the most beautiful packaging. The glass jars feel heavy and luxurious and the gold lids are embossed with autumnal designs. Marshmallow fireside is a grey wax with woody notes of an open log fire mixed with a sugary marshmallow topping. It's not sickly sweet and the musky tones definitely mature it; an unconventional way of getting in the festive spirit that works!
(Alternative UK link)


Leaves smells like freshly picked apples and cold winter's walks, softened with a sweet and spicy cinnamon. I absolutely love this one for in my bedroom, particularly in the evenings when I'm reading a book, watching YouTube or browsing ASOS and it's pounding with rain outside. What's great about these candles is that they burn so well. They last forever and have three wicks for an even burn. Despite the price increase once importing the UK, they're still reasonably priced for such a huge  and luxurious candle - and if you're lucky enough to be in the US, they're a steal!

(Alternative UK link)

 I'm definitely hoping to pick up some more Bath & Body Works candles come the springtime, so leave your recommendations and favourites in the comments below.

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