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Meet Kathryn Monkcom

Business coach, life coach, veggie, feminist, cocktail drinker

For me, the road to coaching has been full of twists and turns. 

There’s been a lot of change in my life, and most of it was completely out of my control. For me, the consequence of this was severe anxiety around more changes, even small ones, and a whole heap of beliefs which weren’t helping me at all. I began to aim for big life achievements as an example of change I could control. 

We can all find ourselves aiming for the “right” things, without stopping to consider what we actually want. You know – the things “everyone” is supposed to want. The perfect job, the huge house, the shiny car, the doting partner… Thankfully, I realised what I actually wanted from my life:

My friends all know I’m the girl to come to for some tough love, some needed clarity, and a bit of perspective. Through studying and training to become a coach, I’ve learned so much about myself and the power of coaching. I’m straight-talking, honest, I back myself, and I trust myself. I can thank coaching for revealing my strengths, and for improving my self-belief.

Never afraid to say it how it is

Professional life and business coaching for courageous women

My process is focused on the ICF coaching best practice model: warm personal connection, clear boundaries, and confidentiality.

First and foremost, I listen to you. I connect with you. And, I care about you. Your success is important to me.

In every one of my clients, I see her potential to claim the life she deserves. I see her passion, and capability. So, for me, being part of your journey as you go after exactly what you want is pretty bloody awesome. Supporting you to smash your life and business goals just never gets old for me. Kinda like that feeling when you find brand-new Zara in the charity shop (and in your size!)

As friendly as our relationship will be, I maintain professional boundaries. Our sessions are clearly defined from the outset, with regular manageable milestones, and with a clear action plan. Everything you tell me is confidential unless someone’s safety is at risk, and I am non- judgemental and inclusive in my practice.

This combination of deeply caring about your success and holding boundaries means I can do my job in the best way possible, for your benefit.

We’ve got a lot in common

Values-centred life and business coaching

Your life, your way

Strap in babe, it’s going to be a wild ride

I’ve got a simple mission: to help women take back control of their lives and happiness.

It’s my true belief every single one of us is worthy and capable of creating the life she wants. We can’t tear down the patriarchy overnight (a girl can dream) but we can start to unpick internalised beliefs about our place in the world, and learn to use our voices for change.

My clients prove again and again we can all achieve things we never thought possible, with a little support and belief along the way. 

I became a coach to empower women to achieve their goals, feel supported, and succeed despite the limitations placed on them. In our time working together, you’ll get guidance, accountability, and an action plan to help you to claim the life you want.

Kathryn Monkcom: qualified life and business coach

International Coaching Federation

I trained with the International Coaching Federation to become a qualified ACTP coach. To pass an ACTP, I had to undertake 152 hours training, covering the ICF Core CompetenciesCode of Ethics, and the ICF definition of coaching. I passed this qualification and I regularly undertake additional training and mentoring.

I strictly adhere to the best practice of coaching, and I am fully committed to upholding the integrity of professional coaches.

All of this means I’m qualified to facilitate the sessions we’ll have together and support you to achieve your goals. Our relationship together will be warm, friendly, and honest, but I’ll maintain the professional boundaries which protect us both.

Staying in touch

The latest information about life and business coaching

Here’s the deal, I’ll only ever email you when I have something you’ll really want to know about, like new breakthroughs in coaching, my latest blogs, and upcoming availability.

You’ll also receive the 5 ½ life lessons that got me to where I am today. Packed full of personal reflections, each email will help you reflect on where you are, what is holding you back, and how you can change the way you think about yourself and your life.