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The world is full of opportunity, just waiting for you to claim it. The 9 to 5, the graduate schemes, climbing the corporate ladder – they’re all optional. Take it or leave it. I’ll help you work out what you really want from life, whether that’s going out on your own or leading a team of hundreds, and give you the tools to get there.

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Business Coaching

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Careers Coaching

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Kathryn has been a brilliant addition to the Aira team and I’ve really enjoyed working with her. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, always wants to learn, looks for ways to help others, and is just one of those people that just gets it. Definitely “one to watch” and destined to do great things.



I loved working with Kathryn and she was a hugely valuable part of the team at Aira, making a big impact and progressing well, even in a relatively short timeframe. Her knowledge and experience of digital surpasses many people I’ve worked with who have been in the industry far longer and I’d recommend her for any digital role.



Kathryn this is great, really really great. Super usable and will hugely help me. Thank you. I look forward to more Kathryness!
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Meet Kathryn

Hey, I’m Kathryn. I’m a digital marketer, careers coach and all-round internet person. I started blogging on Tumblr back in 2012 and have since worked on projects with the Department for Education and a supermarket chain that rhymes with “al fresco”.

The world is full of opportunity. That’s why I spend my days helping talented people find their dream career, whether that’s launching a small biz or making their mark at a big corporate.

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