Hey, you.

The world is full of opportunity, just waiting for you to claim it. The 9 to 5, the graduate schemes, climbing the corporate ladder – they’re all optional. Take it or leave it.

I’ll help you work out what you really want from life, whether that’s going out on your own or leading a team of hundreds, and give you the tools and confidence to get there.

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1:1 Coaching

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Team Coaching

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Online Communities

Nice things people have said

The impact has been huge. I’ve changed my career and been able to recognise and work through a precious work situation I thought I’d never get out of. Just talking about what was going on for me was a huge part of being able to see that things needed to change. And the accountability the coaching brought helped me to keep my momentum.


Nice things people have said

Kathryn helped me realise what I love and how I can make it into a career. Leaving uni was terrifying but now my professional confidence has increased so much and I have jobs lined up that I’m so excited for, and new goals for the future! Can’t credit her enough for doing what she does, and doing it amazingly!


Nice things people have said

Kathryn was our Program Trainer for the Women in Tech SEO Mentorship Program. After an initial short call, she understood exactly what I was looking for and she DELIVERED. Extremely organised, detailed and a pleasure to work with – Kathryn is on the top of my list for all future project collaborations and I highly recommend her!


Nice things people have said

At the end of every session I had a to-do list full of specific actions to help me take the next step in my career. There’s no fluffy, generic advice with Kathryn – it’s specific, actionable and invaluable.


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Meet Kathryn

Hey, I’m Kathryn. I’m a digital marketer, careers coach and all-round internet person. I started blogging on Tumblr back in 2012 and have since worked on projects with the Department for Education and a supermarket chain that rhymes with “al fresco”.

The world is full of opportunity. That’s why I spend my days helping talented people find their dream career, whether that’s launching a small biz or making their mark at a big corporate.

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What is Coaching?

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